Some Good Reasons to Buy a Car Cover

Some Good Reasons to Buy a Car Cover

Feb 25, 2019 Auto/Car by admin

Your car may be very vital to you and from the day to procure it, you vowed to defend it in each viable manner! A correct and fee powerful way of doing that is by means of shopping for a car cover on your prized ownership. Buying a terrific cowl can be luxurious and so, it’s far well worth comparing different sorts, sizes, colors and the material that the duvet is made from. There are many in the marketplace to choose from.

A few matters to bear in mind earlier than buying one, is the match that it offers and whether or not it’s miles lockable in opposition to the hazard of robbery for your automobile. A right becoming cover will provide all round protection. An ill-fitting vehicle cover is tough to manipulate at the same time as protecting and uncovering the vehicle with it. Moreover during the windy season, it is able to begin whipping towards your car and motive harm resulting in a few more prices for you in form of paint job.

A breathable cover is one which allows air circulate, is useful to ward off mould and rust formation during the moist and sunny alternating days. Besides inflicting foul smell, the mildew build-up is hard to smooth by way of yourself. A cover which provides proper air movement may be beneficial on your automobile in particular in the course of humid climatic conditions. Depending on the region which you are living, your automobile is uncovered to special climatic modifications- dry, warm, humid, sunny, snowy or wet. A cowl which displays the sun’s UV rays protects your exterior and indoors from fading even as retaining the insides cool within the warm humid days.

For the snowy weather, a heavy obligation cover works fine protective your vehicle from the heavy snow. Salt from the road wherein you parked can cause corrosion for your outdoors paint. A heavy obligation cover can manage this incidence. Off-the-shelf car covers that offer sparse protection on your car are a large no! The custom in shape vehicle covers which are clean to drape inside and out for your car are easy to deal with and offer all round safety too. A custom match car cowl is the proper preference for the snowy season too.

Dark colored vehicles show a tendency to vanish in patches here and there all through those warm and sunny days. A custom healthy car cover this is mainly tailor-made to suit the contours of your car can provide it comfortable protection compared to the disheveled ones.

A custom fit automobile cover which is heavy responsibility can also endure any guy brought about or nature induced hazards, destructive weather conditions, protection from theft (if it’s miles lockable) and also acts like shielding barrier towards minor scratches and dents. Standing in properly stead through your automobile it makes you recognize that the more few bucks which you had shelled out on it have been well worth each cent!


The Mercedes-Benz C Class, the leader in sales in the segment of premium sedans, arrives in the Brazilian market with extensive modifications. The C 180, C 200 and C 300 models that have been produced in Brazil, in the city of Iracemápolis since March 2016, have been completely renovated: the internal and external design have been improved with a style reconfiguration. At the same time, there is a whole new electronic architecture. The use experience – traditionally a strong point of the brand – has benefited from an all-digital instrument display (only from the C 200 EQ Boost) and multimedia systems with customized information and music. Among the best-selling Mercedes-Benz models in the world, the C Class in its current generation has registered nearly 2 million placards around the world since its launch in 2014, reaching a historic sales record in the C Class family between one generation and another. In the same period, in Brazil, the family consolidated the preference of the buyers of its segment, representing a 40% share in the brand’s portfolio. One of the highlights of the 30th edition of the Salao de Sao Paulo, the C Class sedan family arrives in the market initially with four versions of sedans: C 180 Avantgarde, C 180 Exclusive, C 200 EQ Boost and C 300 Sport. “The OC Class, one of the most successful models of Mercedes-Benz does not stop reinventing itself. The innovation of the C 200 EQ Boost engine is characterized by the performance of its electric motor that is powered by the 48 volt battery, which boosts its performance and exceeds expectations, “says Holger Marquardt, Director of Marketing and Automotive Sales Latin America and the cadillac car covers.

Eject: C 200 with EQ Boost and 48 volt system

A new generation of four-cylinder gasoline engines is being launched in the new C Class, more specifically with the introduction of the C 200 EQ Boost, this technology, which combines increased sportiness and at the same time consumer economy, is being included by the first in a branded vehicle. This model is equipped with an additional 48-volt power grid with a Belt Driven Starter-Generator (BSG). The new 1.5-liter petrol turbocharger features the new C 200 EQ Boost and its traditional electric components, such as lights, are powered by a 12 volt net. The combination of a new 48-volt power grid and the BSG creates conditions for additional functions that help further decrease fuel consumption, while increasing agility and comfort characteristics. When accelerating, the BSG can assist the 183 hp / 280 Nm engine with a 14 hp ‘push’ and 160 Nm torque, exceeding the short moment until the turbocharger has developed its full power pressure. This feature is also used to achieve optimal engine speed as fast as possible during gear shifts: thus, the automatic transmission shifting times are reduced. At speed reductions, the electric motor acts as an alternator recovering kinetic energy and charging the battery. The pump d ‘

The OC 200 EQ Boost also includes slip mode (freewheel) with the engine completely switched off (ECO mode only) and regenerative braking with intelligent engine shutdown whenever the vehicle slows down without the driver applying the brake . As a result, the power train is disengaged and the engine is switched off. For example, the driver can be at 120 km / h with rotation at 0, with the aid of the electric motor only: this has the advantage of maximizing fuel economy, while ensuring a comfortable vehicle response. The start / stop system operates in a particularly comfortable way, thanks to the belt-driven starter / alternator. The engine restarts almost in silence, with little vibration and very fast. The turbocharger, driven by exhaust gases, uses a twin-scroll system. Thanks to its dual flow configuration (the exhaust pipes of each double cylinder are separated from each other and only joined immediately before the turbine), the torque characteristics were improved while the exhaust back pressure was kept low . The feed pressure is controlled electronically, which enables it to be reached more quickly and accurately compared to purely pneumatic controls.

The engine also features the CAMTRONIC variable valve lift system. It allows a two-level adjustment of the intake manifold lift. Under partial solicitations, this allows a smaller lift of the valves and, thus, less air is introduced in the combustion chamber, avoiding high losses of fuel. At high speed, the system switches to the larger valve lift to achieve full engine power. The proven BlueDIRECT combustion process and an improved combustion chamber help ensure low exhaust emissions. Measures to reduce internal friction within the cylinders complement the efficiency strategy of the new power unit. These include the Mercedes-Benz patented CONICSHAPE process known internally as a tapered polishing: during the polishing of the cylinder walls, they are slightly widened towards the bottom to reduce the friction of the piston skirts, reducing wear and fuel consumption .

Intelligent Driving and Safety

The new C Class features state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz driver assistance systems, providing the driver with cooperative support and thus an even higher active safety level than its predecessor. The Adaptive Braking System (ABR), for example, integrates Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Traction Control in Acceleration (ASR), Start-up Assist (HSA), Pre-loading (PRIMING), Rain Drying and HOLD function. In addition, the C Class ensures great stability for all versions through the CROSS WIND ASSIST system and the ESP CURVE DYNAMIC ASSIST. The CROSS WIND ASSIST acts in case of transverse winds on the road that push the vehicle to the sides, this system provides stability keeping the vehicle in the trajectory determined by the driver. This works through light braking on the wheels of the wind-side action, without losing speed.

The ESP CURVE DYNAMIC ASSIST comes into play during cornering acceleration. The system uses ESP sensors and functions to ensure more stability and steerability. When these sensors record the tendency of the vehicle to ‘get out of the way’, it minimizes this effect with intervention by selective braking on the inner wheels, relative to the direction of the curve. At the same time, the traction is increased slightly to compensate for this braking moment, so the excess torque is directed to the wheels on the outside (braking torque), relative to the direction of the curve. This intervention leads to an imperceptible movement on the vertical axis of the vehicle, which keeps it stabilized in the path of the curve, avoiding ‘front exit’. This means that the vehicle can be guided through the corners with more control and precision.

The new C Class has the active braking assistant. With the aid of a radar, the system can detect an imminent accident with another vehicle, sending visual and audible warnings. If the driver does not react, the system can assist with braking force, and may even prevent a collision. Depending on the situation, it can reduce the consequences of rear-end collisions with slow vehicles, stopping or parked at the front and even with pedestrians and cyclists traversing, or even avoiding them altogether.

Exterior: new front and new headlight design

The new look of the C Class combines emotion with intelligence. The appearance of the vehicles is defined especially by its front and the design of the headlights and taillights. With the redesign of the model, the front bumper was recreated for all lines. The new design makes the external configuration of the EXCLUSIVE version even more expressive and for AVANTGARDE an even more dynamic personality. In addition, the design of the front and rear lights is defined by clearly marked contours, with Full LED headlights.

Interior design: renovated

In all models, the interior has gained even more refinement, reinforcing the sophistication already characteristic of Mercedes-Benz. The central console is characterized by an elegant finish, in the Exclusive version features matte dark brown wood with open pores and the C 300 Sport, black wood. The three-dimensional real wood layer on the center console combines handcrafted character with a modern feel. New interior colors available include dark gray for both the C 180 and C 200 EQ Boost versions, plus the brown for the interior of the C 300 Sport. The KEYLESS-GO starting function (without key) is standard for all models and the start / stop key brings a new design, remembering the rotor of a turbine. Still in relation to the interior, in the C 200 EQ Boost and higher versions, the C-Class brings a new cockpit concept that includes an all-digital instrument cluster, allowing the choice between three visually distinct styles: ‘Classic’, ‘Sporty’ and ‘Progressive’. Among the screen options we have:

Instrument panel: The OC 180 has a classic cockpit with two visors. Among them there is a 5.5-inch color display (resolution: 383 x 600 pixels). From the C 200 EQ Boost, the cockpit is fully digital, has 12.3 inches diagonally and offers high resolution with 1,920 x 720 pixels. The new cockpit of the C 200 EQ Boost offers three different styles: ‘Classic’, ‘Sporty’ and ‘Progressive’. Styles can be changed quickly according to personal taste or to match the selected interior. Together with certain menu items such as trip data or fuel consumption data, the driver can now also see the ECO display on the instrument panel. The latter helps the driver to adopt a driving style that is efficient in terms of consumption.

Central display: In the C 200 EQ Boost and higher versions, the 16: 9 high-resolution central display now features a 10.25-inch diagonal screen and a resolution of 1,920 x 720 pixels. The presentation mode allows the displayed information to be captured intuitively, with clear and informative graphics. For the first time, the C Class also gains touch controls on the steering wheel. They react to trailing movements like the screen of a smartphone and allow the driver to control all the functions of the instrument panel, in addition to the information and entertainment system, without having to take your hands off the wheel. The user interface system can also be operated via the touchpad located in the central console or by voice command using LINGUATRONIC technology. Other functions of the vehicle can also be controlled by voice.

Multimedia systems: customized information and music

The OC Class comes standard with the Audio 20 multimedia system, with two USB inputs, an SD card reader, Bluetooth connection and media interface. The new NTG 5.5 multimedia system enables integration with smartphones and use of the WAZE application.

Main news by model

C 180 Avantgarde

  • New front bumper
  • New 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels
  • Full LED headlamps with new internal design
  • New design of the taillights
  • Center console with black piano finish
  • New steering wheel with touch controls
  • Keyless start button
  • New NTG 5.5 multimedia system with smartphone integration (WAZE)
  • Active braking assistant

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